Smuggling Days and Smuggling Ways
by H.N. Shore, 1892

Henry N. Shore (later Lord Teignmouth) was Inspecting Officer of H.M. Coastguard in the late 19th Century. He gathered the material for this book from official records of the customs service and associated organisations, and from his personal experience.

The time-scale is from the early 18th century to the mid 19th century. It is particularly strong on the southern coastal counties of England, the Channel Isles, and the opposite coasts of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. There is also a significant amount of 18th century material from the county of Wigtownshire in Scotland.

There is no index to any edition that I have yet discovered, so I decided to compile my own. The initial stimulus coming from the discovery that 3 ships owned and sailed by my ancestors were mentioned in it.

I have compiled this index from the 1929 reprint, published by Philip Allan and Co. Ltd in their Nautilus Library series.

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